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How electric scooters help develop motor skills among children

Children indeed seem to be a blessing from God. Not only do they make a wonderful addition to the family, but they also tend to bring a bundle of happiness. Over the years, as a child develops, parents need to think about a wide variety of aspects. This has been particularly stressed during the development ages. This is because if during the development period, certain amount of attention is not given, then it can really impact their future.

In other words, it can cause certain problems in the future as well. And that being said, it is extremely important that parents play a very significant role during this period.

It has been said that during the development stage, it is of extreme importance that children learn how to develop their motor skills. Not only is it very good for the brain and muscles, but it can have a profound impact in the long run as well. That is why it has been suggested that bikes or electric scooters be encouraged amongst children right from an early stage.

Now you might be thinking about what electric scooters really are and how they are beneficial for your children. That being said, you would first have to understand what electric scooters really are. You will be able to learn more about this from going over this kid’s scooter guide.

electric scooters good for kids

What electric scooters are?

Just like the name suggests, electric scooters are vehicles which have been known to run with electric power. This suggests that electric scooters do not actually require fuel in order to function. This can be seen to be a major distinguishing factor from the regular scooters.

How are they different from traditional push scooters?

Even though traditional kick scooters have been found to be the more popular choice, the times seem to be changing. Thanks to the advancements in technology, parents are now preferring electric scooters. This is because they tend to have a wide range of benefits over the traditional push scooters.

Firstly, thanks to it being run on electric power, it means that certain amount of effort would not have to be exerted in getting it to run. Just by pushing the start button, it would run for a pretty long time. This can help in ensuring faster and longer running times without it dying out anytime soon. So in those cases when you would need to go on long rides with your kids, this would not seem to be a problem for you.

How can they help in developing motor skills amongst children?

Now that you have understood the main difference that seems to exist between the two types of scooters, you might be wondering how they are related with motor skills development. The thing is, right from an early age, your kid needs to master the skill of hand and eye co-ordination.

If they can get that done, then it means that they are capable of taking on more complex co-ordination challenges. Thanks to electric scooters, they will be able to grasp the basic concepts in a very firm manner. Not only will their foundation become strong, but they would be more likely to learn things at a faster pace as well.

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balanc bike vs training wheels

Kids’ Balance Bikes vs Training Wheels – The Parent’s Dilemma

Learning how to ride a bicycle is one of life’s essential skills. That is why it is important to teach children how to properly ride a bike even at a young age. There are two ways to go about in teaching kids how to ride a bike: using balance bikes for kids or using training wheels.

These days it’s easy to choose the right balance bike for kids (if you’re interested, here’s a good resource) – however, what’s not that easy to tell is why balance bikes have gained so much advantage over the training wheels in the recent years and how parents’ thinking evolved in that aspect.

Having to Relearn Proper Balancing

A lot of parents make the mistake of putting training wheels on their children’s bikes without actually teaching them proper posture and balance while riding a bike. It can negatively affect the child’s learning later on. This is because when the trainers are removed, kids will likely have trouble in keeping their balance.

Kids that have been used to trainers know what it is like to sit upright on a bike. What they don’t know is how to stay seated upright, because they have been relying on the trainers up until this point. When this happens, kids will have to start from scratch in trying to learn how to maintain their balance on a bike independently. This relearning process can negatively affect the confidence of kids in riding bikes. Kids that have been taught biking on balance bikes generally do not have this problem.

Safer and More Versatile

Another advantage in using balance bikes for kids instead of using trainers is that it is much safer to use especially for toddlers. Most balance bikes are designed specifically to fit the height of kids ranging from 1 year old to 6 year old (there are also balance bikes for 8 year olds, teens, and adults as well). This means that the height of these balance bikes allows children to seat upright while using the bike. This greatly instills confidence while allowing kids to get a feel for handling the bike. Should children ever lose balance they can always put their feet down to stop and then regain posture. If they go down a slope or should they go too fast, they can easily use their feet to brake or slow down. They wouldn’t have to use brake clamps that are sometimes too tight for kids to fully squeeze to effectively use.

girl on a balance bike

Much More Economical

Another point in favor of using balance bikes is that they are much more economical. Purchasing a typical balance bike for toddlers costs as low as $40 to $50. On the other hand, 1 year olds and 3 year olds would most definitely be too small for a 12″ bike, which is the smallest size a bike can get. So a separate tricycle should be purchased. A kid’s tricycle costs $70 to $80 while a 12″ bike costs $70 to $100. Buying a balance bike negates the need of both the tricycle and the 12” bike. This could save people over a third of their money.

Using kids’ balance bikes instead of using training wheels is greatly beneficial in the long run. Children learn proper balance and posture while riding a bike. The best part is these bikes don’t cost a fortune and are extremely safe for them to use.

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How to Choose Biking Shoes for Kids?

If you are a first time hiker or you are simply due a footwear upgrade then you might be wondering which hiking shoes are best for men. There are so many on the market that it can be really hard to pick which ones will actually be the best for your feet. However if you know what you are looking for then you will find that within minutes of looking you will have the perfect pair. So what are you looking for? What makes a pair of hiking shoes the best?

The best hiking boots match your feet

When it comes to picking a pair of hiking boots you first need to understand what your feet actually need and to do this all you have to do is look. Hiking boots are made in all shapes and sizes just like feet, so if you know the shape and need of your feet then you will also know which hiking shoes are best for you.

biking shoes kids

Often you will find that your feet either fully touch the floor when you are standing or you will have an arch. It’s really important to know which of the two your feet are, as this can help you pick the right hiking shoes for you. If your foot is arched then you want to mirror that with your shoes and if your feet are flat then again you want to mirror this. If you have arched feet but you buy flat hiking boots then you will suffer from discomfort while wearing them. Especially if you are wearing them for long periods of time.

You might also want to take note of how wide or narrow your feet are. If your feet are wide then you want to buy wide fitting hiking shoes otherwise your feet will get squashed and you won’t be very comfortable. However if you have narrow feet and you buy wide shoes, then you might find that they rub on your feet as your feet will move around a lot. This again will cause you severe discomfort, especially if you are using them to hike in.

If you suffer from twisted ankles then you might want to think about hiking shoes that support your ankles as well as your feet but if you like the freedom of ankle movement then you might prefer to get hiking shoes that don’t go all the way up. It’s all about the preference of your needs and your feet. However once you know the shape of your feet and how they work, then you shouldn’t have a problem at all in picking out the right shoes for you.

It is always wise as well when considering hiking shoes to think about the terrain you will be using them on. If you are using them to climb mountains or walk across muddy embankments then you want to put a lot of focus on whether the grip will be sufficient. Once you know what you need from your hiking boots you will have no trouble at all in finding the perfect one’s for you and your feet.

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Best 2 Places to Purchase Biking Shoes for Kids

If you have been doing your hiking research and decided that Salomon hiking boots are the boots for you, then the next thing you might be wondering is where can you buy them? There are hundreds of retailers both online and offline that supply Salomon hiking boots, so it can be tricky working out where you are getting the best deal. It’s okay though, that’s why you are reading this and be rest assured by the time you have finished, you will have your Salomon hiking boots ordered, read more information on how to choose hiking boots by clicking here

kid bike shoe


There is a reason that Amazon features first on this list and that’s because when it comes to Salomon hiking shoes they are your best choice. Not only do they stock the whole range of Salomon hiking shoes but they also offer next day delivery and regular offers. This puts them as a front runner when it comes to purchasing your hiking boots.
If you have an Amazon account and you’re not in a rush to buy the hiking boots then there is a little trick to get them cheaper. Instead of purchasing them outright, put them in your basket and then leave them for a few days. Keep an eye on your email inbox and within a few days you should find a email from Amazon offering you a deal on the contents of your basket.


If you are happy buying your Salomon hiking boots second hand then Ebay might be the place for you. There are often hundreds of pairs up for auction and they all describe the condition and features of the pair they are advertising. You can often get a nearly new pair of Salomon hiking boots for half the cost of fully new. This is well worth considering if you are a first time hiker and you are unsure whether or not it will become a regular thing.

Shipping with Ebay is normally quite good too however it does differ from seller to seller. You might want to check their feedback to see what other people have said about their shipping times. Often you will find that they keep to their word so if the auction says it will be with you in three days then it probably will, however some people will have a reputation for sending items out late which will obviously effect the time it take to get to you.

In conclusion

Both Amazon and Ebay offer a good service and should have your boots with you quickly, however if there was a first prize to be given then it would have to go to Amazon. Not only is their postage fast and effective but they also have the best deals on brand new products. They also have a fantastic returns policy that saves you the time of navigating through automated options for half an hour (Ebay). Ebay does offer the opportunity however to save lot of money if you are willing to buy your Salomon hiking boots second hand, so it’s really a choice of preference.

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